Hello San Diego!

This past week was the start of my second month of college, and it’s been going pretty well. Midterms are coming up already, which is super surprising to me. It seems like only last week, I was getting overly excited for my first high school musical, Kiss Me, Kate!, my sophomore year, getting my costume out of the closet and trying it on for the first time. It seems like only yesterday I was getting ready for my Senior Prom that was to be held a couple of miles away from my new alma mater. Coming from a high school of three thousand and jumping straight into the huge,180-acre campus in a total of three months is a scary idea. But it’s obviously not impossible.

Now I’m on my own, living in Missions B, San Luis, going to awesome classes that interest me, working at the USD Torero Store, making my own money. I even drive around San Diego, taking my friends to the local Target

(without getting lost for two hours, like the first time my friend from UCSD did)

or taking my English class to the Old Globe Theatre, watching professionals strut their stuff, which is what I hope to do for a living. Within my first month, I’ve done so much more than I have expected to do.

It’s because at USD, there’s so much to do, on and off-campus. There’s comedy and karaoke nights, there’s movie screenings outside the Student Life Pavillion, there’s late-night taco runs, and there’s high-end fashion stores where you can look, but not touch. (At least, that’s my motto.) There’s all the clubs and activities: United Front Multicultural Center has many different culture-specific clubs, the First-Year Women’s Talks, PRIDE Club meetings, just every single culture is personified with a club here! I’ve been poking my head around, seeing what clubs are out there and let me tell you, there’s so many of them. I have a plethora to choose from!

Like I said, I’m working at the USD Torero Store, which is simply a dream. It’s my first paying job and in the beginning, I was the shy girl in the back, putting away the expensive textbooks on the shelves and helping take out some of the hundreds of book orders the Bookstore has to fill at the beginning at every semester. Now, I’m that one cashier that talks a little too much with the customers. They seem to like my extroverted personality, I think… I hope. Now I have money in my credit card that I made myself, which is super exciting.

I’m saving it up, of course, for things that are important in life.

Like clothes.

I’m also looking for my Federal Work-Study job, so I will let you know how that goes soon!

Being a freshmen at USD, I’ve already done so much. And the most wonderful thing is… it’s only the beginning.


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