A Senior Point of View

Freshman year seems so far behind as I stare down my future. I completed my petition to graduate last semester well before this month’s deadline, which means if all goes well, I’m set to walk down the aisle and receive my diploma in May 2013. As in a few short months away. I can hardly believe it. Even though the nearing future after college is a daunting, exciting, vast unknown, the fact of the matter is that I still have my senior year at USD to soak it all in.

Kappa’s sisterhood retreat in Mission Bay Park

It is mid-October yet the sun still shines bright and hot. My classmates and I often wish we were able to lounge at the beach all day, but in reality, even the weekends hardly allow for that glorious bit of free time. Transitioning into my busy schedule balancing work, my Kappa responsibilities, classes, and homework took a few weeks, but I think I finally got it down. Sometimes, making sure I get eight hours of sleep is the toughest challenge! Even though my weeks are planned out to the minute, I have managed to avoid major breakdowns simply because I am spreading my time over activities I actually truly enjoy doing. This past month, I stared down huge projects and undertakings full of excitement and I will admit, a few anxiety-ridden moments. In each of my tasks, I was able to find motivation and use my passion to drive me along even when all I wanted to do was just bury my head under my pillow and sleep for a month. Here’s what September brought onto my plate:

Sea kayaking in La Jolla

Planning the sisterhood retreat for my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and talking with our leadership consultant visiting last week recharged me for my last semester as Vice President Standards. Leaving a legacy is definitely a priority for me this year and I am eagerly looking forward to all of the amazing sisterhood events to come. My dad was able to visit last weekend for Kappa’s father-daughter weekend and we had a blast exploring San Diego and sea kayaking in La Jolla.

Working in the Admissions Office is proving to be a fantastic experience. When I am not in class Monday through Thursday, you can find me at my computer typing away at the blog, manning Twitter, or designing contests. I finally received my official name badge and feel right at home in my “closet” office. Creating video contests and other creative projects fill my time as I attempt to show Future Toreros just what a day in the life at USD encompasses and publicize our Fall Online Open House coming up this November.

Of course, class is still my highest priority. Senior year has brought on a fantastic selection of courses for me as I finish up my majors. Powering through Moby Dick in my Melville & Hawthorne English class deepened my appreciation of the written word even further. The novel is incredibly written and rich with vivid imagery of the sea. On the other hand, my Teens and Popular Culture class has me thinking more and more about entering the world of marketing. I am intrigued by the crafty ways marketers target the teenage consumers and wonder if this is another potential career path for me. Through it all, writing still remains my passion, and Intermediate Creative Writing with one of my favorite USD professors, Helina Duraj, challenges me daily in my growth as a writer. Needless to say, I am thrilled with all of the possibilities this year is presenting for my future so far!

Exploring the nightlife of San Diego (and thoroughly enjoying the daily activities by the beach) is officially a priority this year. Spending time with my closest friends in our wonderful college town by the beach is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I fully plan to take ahold of.

“Me” time included baking delicious fall treats for my roommates


Finding a balance between work, school, and play is the challenge du jour. So far, I am attempting to artfully master this not-so-simple task while leaving time to just relax. Realizing my limitations and my abilities are crucial during this time, and I finally feel like I have a firm grasp on who I am as a person and where I am headed. It is all quite riveting, really. Expect more on this subject as the weeks go on, and it is realistic to foresee a few breakdowns as well. Alas, I have accepted the fact that I am human and I am constantly learning and growing up is never truly finished- and that is what Mom and Dad are on speed-dial for.


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