I’ve Declared!

It’s official! I am officially a Communication Studies major, Visual Arts minor, and Leadership minor! Words can not describe how happy I am now that I can now focus on getting my major/minor classes completed! I was not originally planning on being a Comm major but a Visual Art major instead. Well one night, I was just thinking about my future and my gut feeling was telling me to do Communications. Where that came from, I don’t know but my Mom always taught me to trust my gut. And my gut, God, or my brain (Whatever you believe in) told me what to do. So then I found myself standing in the Communications office. The whole process was extremely easy, to my surprise. At USD everything is made so accessible to you which reduces stress during the difficult process, for some like me, of picking a major. The best thing about the process I went through is that I actually got to speak to the head of the Communications department! Now I am sure that those at a huge school, can not all say that they had the chance to. I just walked right in to her office, without an appointment, and asked her any questions and was gone within 20 minutes with everything I needed. Now if only midterms were this easy….

Dessert from Extraordinary!

To top it all off, when I got back to my room that night there was a piece of cake waiting for me from Extraordinary Desserts! If you have not been to Extraordinary, then click on the link and check it out then GO! My roommates bought me a slice of delicious chocolate greatness to celebrate my declaring of a major.

I am so blessed to be where I am at right now! Great advisors, professors, and most of all friends. Can’t wait to take COMM by storm!


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