It’s All Greek to Me!

This time last year I was a Freshman feeling satisfied that my first semester as a college student was almost over. Amongst the stress of studying for finals I was presented with a new question everyone was asking me that furthered my stress level: “Are you going to rush in the Spring?” Unlike many of my friends, the answer to this was not an immediate yes. I did not want to be labeled as a “sorority girl” nor did I want to spend all my time with the same girls and go through hazing. When I thought of a sorority I thought of that movie, The House Bunny, where all the girls are crazy about their sorority and super “catty”.

Dressed up for Recruitment!

BUT since it seemed like everyone was going through rush, I thought that I’d just check out what the whole frenzy was about. I attended an informational that Panhellenic organized and got to meet ladies from every sorority. When I entered the informational I knew that I was not going to rush but when I left, I knew that I just had to.

So what changed in that few moments? I talked to girls and asked them how their experience was being in a sorority. The answers I got were real, not something they knew I would like to hear. They told me that Greek Life here at USD is NOT like what you see in the media, it’s more like a Greek community.

So a week before everyone else came back to start Spring semester, I was here along with tons of other girls participating in recruitment. It was a long, tiring, and exciting process that ended with one of the best decisions of my life…

My best friend and me pledging Kappa!

I pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma!

Once I opened the little envelope that revealed which sorority I got a bid from, I ran to my roommate/best friend to see which sorority she received one from. All through recruitment we decided to not talk about what we thought about each sorority  so we wouldn’t influence each other just because one liked this one and what not. Turns out, we BOTH were able to pledge (join) Kappa! After a minute of screaming and hugging each other we ran over to the group of cheering Kappas.

Since that day, I have never looked back. I found love in Kappa and could not be happier. My second half of freshman year was so much fun and I got to meet so many girls that I probably would have never met had I not went through recruitment. A lot of those girls I met during Greek Week, our Presents dance (the first dance of Spring semester), our new member retreat, and initiation are some of my closest friends here at USD. I could not even start to imagine where I would be without them.

The best part of rushing was that I got to stay close with the friends that decided to join other chapters. At some other schools, recruitment is very competitive and catty to the point where you don’t associate with people in other chapters. Here at USD, we support our Greek community by going to their philanthropy events or by inviting them to our Formal or Date Dashes. Our Greek life reflects that feeling of community USD prides itself on.’

At our annual event Breastival! Spreading breast cancer awareness.

Now as first semester of sophomore year is coming to an end, recruitment is around the corner which means Kappa will be adding MORE amazing girls to our chapter. As I reflect back to last year I have done a complete 180. I went from not wanting anything to do with a sorority to becoming so involved with Greek life. I have been blessed to accept the 2012-2013 Panhellenic Position of Recruitment Operations, which means that I will be in charge of recruitment next year! How crazy is that?! I still can’t believe it! Joining a sorority and entering the Greek life family has opened up so many opportunities and given me the courage to pursue leadership positions and to make friendships that won’t last for just 4 years, but for a lifetime.

So If you are debating rather or not you are going to go through recruitment, I highly suggest you go through the process. If you decide not to pledge a chapter, there are always other ways to get involved at USD. It’s totally up to you!


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