First Step to Admissions: the College Fair

On Monday, University of San Diego, in partnership with National Hispanic College Fair, hosted a college fair for local high school students. Drawing over 1500 students from San Diego area high schools, the fair featured a variety colleges from around the country under one roof.

For many students, it was their first time stepping foot on a college campus.

“I just want to look around!” One high school junior gushed. “My brother is going to USD next year and I want to come back and take a tour.”


Founded in 1998, National Hispanic College Fair, Inc.  reaches out to Hispanic/Latino high school students and assists them in their pursuit of a college education. Bringing representatives from a wide range of colleges into one place, the college fair allows students to go from table to table and meet admissions counselors, ask questions about college requirements, and explore their many options of higher education.

“The University [of San Diego] is absolutely beautiful. It definitely draws students to this event,” a representative from National Hispanic College Fair organizations says. “What we are trying to create is the ability for students to take the first step in selecting a college.”

That first step, exploring the available options, is crucial for all high school students. Once they see what is out there and ask questions about admissions criteria from the representatives present, they can move on to continue their research, eventually visiting campuses that sparked their interest. After further research and visits,  students then have a better understanding of where they want to go and what is required of them when applying and making final decisions.

Many fair attendees expressed their desire for more out-of-state college representation.school3

“I saw a lot of good schools in California,” one high school senior said. “But for me, I want to go somewhere not in-state for a change. But there were a lot of good options here to look at.”

Another student voiced a similar opinion: “I want to see a lot of schools, not just in California. But I love USD. It is very pretty and I am definitely looking into it.”

Many high school students these days are factoring in the importance of looking into not just the well-known state schools, but smaller colleges as well during their search. Looking both at in- and out-of-state colleges is another criteria of the college hunter. Many students wished to attend school in another place away from home to gain a sense of independence and just see and explore a new place for four years.

For all students, the first step of gaining awareness of the colleges out there is just as important as submitting applications. At the National Hispanic College Fair hosted by USD, many students were introduced to their options and further prepared to take on their college hunt.


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