USD Has the Holiday Spirit!

Image-1It’s that time of year again and the University of San Diego has tons of events to celebrate the holidays!  If you thought that being a USD student could not get any better, just wait until you have experienced the month of December on the prestigious university on a hill that is USD.

During this time of the year, many events are held on campus to commemorate the month of December and the winter holiday. For example, the Resident Housing Association (RHA), along with many other on campus clubs and organizations, gather together to collaborate and create one huge event on campus that strives to bring Christmas cheer and holiday spirit to everyone at USD. This massive festive event is known as Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland takes place at Colachi Plaza on December 6th and has a myriad of booths and tables set up with different stations where you can partake in winter related festivities. Students had a blast creating ornaments, decorating cookies, getting Christmas-themed face-painting, building teddy bears, and taking photos in the photo booth. There was also free hot chocolate and donuts. But that’s not all. Winter Wonderland was the only place in San Diego where we could dance around in snow to the music of a DJ and play to our heart’s content on a giant inflatable slide (pictured below)!


Although Winter Wonderland is one of the biggest events that occur on campus during December, it is not the only one. The Resident Housing Association of Missions A is putting on an event on December 12th from 11pm to midnight. This event is taking place in Missions Crossroads and is designed to help alleviate stress from studying from finals and is essentially a study break. During this event, you are encouraged to arrive in your pajamas and relax while enjoying some of the many refreshments provided by the RHA staff. You can make your own PB&J sandwich, relax to some good music, watch nostalgic cartoons, play board games and just chat with others to take a break from studying.

cookie decorating
cookie decorating

If you are worried about making friends at USD, don’t be. USD hosts many on campus events (like Winter Wonderland) where you could easily connect with peers and have fun while making lasting memories.

Although December is a great time to be a Torero, it is great to be a Torero year-round as well.

Happy Holidays from USD!


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