The final semester

Kappa Kappa Gamma seniors on Bid Day, 2013

Last Monday was my last first-day-of-school. After living semester to semester to summer break for the past 18 years of my life, come May, that will no longer be the case. There are a lot of lasts this semester: my last Kappa Bid Day, where we welcomed 40 new members into our chapter. All of us seniors crowded into a picture, in disbelief it was our last one! My last time buying text books (thank goodness), my last set of finals, my last this and last that. It is easy to get bogged down in the lasts, so I am instead welcoming each day as it comes.

driving through La Jolla, one of my favorite places in San Diego

Graduation. The very word that instills every senior with a sense of excitement, dread, sadness, and nervousness. It is the day we will all be set free to pursue our careers, higher degrees, families, our futures… all paths that USD has prepared us well for. We have been deflecting that inevitable question, What’s next? for well over a semester now, yet suddenly it is 2013 and that question needs a solid answer. Though I am beginning my job hunt and remaining open to the many possibilities, I like to remind whoever is asking that I have not graduated yet.

No. We still have four months. That is four months to walk around this gorgeous campus, study in the Harry Potter room, grab our coffees before class from Aromas. Four months to ride our beach cruisers to our friends’ houses, enjoy the nightlife, and soak up the sunshine on the weekends. Four months to spend with our friends who have become family and the professors who have become mentors at our home-away-from-home by the sea in sunny San Diego. It may not be a long time, but it is still time, after all.

Strolling to class on campus

So, here I am, second-semester senior. After completing almost all of the requirements of my English and Comm studies majors, I am left with four classes that truly speak to my passions: two advanced creative writing courses, Children and the Media, and photography. Three of my four professors I have had before, all of which are on my favorites list. They are passionate about both their subject and their students, making each class an opportunity to truly learn and grow in areas I am extremely interested in. Taking classes I care about leaves me motivated through the end, soaking up every moment of my college experience.

With two of my best friends, Allie and Kendall

Though I am not a fan of labeling anything as “the best four years of your life” (because otherwise, how depressing would that be if the best four years were over by the time you reached 22?) college comes pretty darn close. Four years of monumental growth and change, four years to develop the strongest bonds of friendship I have ever known, four years to discover my hidden passions and learn how to turn them into a career, four years to try new things and explore new places. I can confidently enter “the real world” in a few short months because of all I learned these past four years at USD. So what’s next? As of now, the future remains uncertain. But this I do know to be true- I still have four months to figure it all out.


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