Break is over- I’m ready to work!

New year, new hairstyle!
New year, new hairstyle!

I’m going to be truthful with all of you… Getting back into the rhythm of college after a wonderfully relaxing break of five weeks is hard.

Like I said, my winter was very relaxing: I spent copious amounts of time with my family, friends and sleep. I am pretty sure I spent about fifty percent of my five weeks just sleeping, which is amazing after not being able to sleep in for several months. I also began a workout routine with Zumba and Just Dance 4, the most amazing dance video games in existence. (They have Gangnam Style – just saying.) Plus, I got my hair dyed for the first time in my life with the popular ombre coloring. It goes from light to my darker, natural color from the tips to the roots. Rather than bleached, it’s more of a honey or caramel color, which is actually what I wanted. I’m pretty happy with it.

Oppan Gangnam Style!
Oppan Gangnam Style!

Over break, I saw Les Miserables, which is the most beautiful film I have ever seen in my life. It’s about three hours long, but totally worth it. It was so beautifully done: the casting was perfect, the settings and what not were gorgeous, and pretty much every time Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman were on the screen, I wept. Here’s a good video of what my reaction was like:

I have never cried that much within three hours in my life. But it was the good kind of crying. I definitely recommend seeing the movie.

In general, it was a very relaxing vacation, away from all the excitement that San Diego has to offer me, away from the homework, schoolwork and work-work. But now that school has started, with new classes, new schedules, new books, and new professors… Life is getting a little stressful again.

The first week of school is kind of like a trial period: you see what classes and professors work for you, whether you prefer a class at eight in the morning or one at eight at night, if you really want to pay that much for textbooks, if you have to sit next to that guy you find particularly attractive the whole semester, because now you have to start gobbling mints every day before that class

You get the idea.

So I was one of the lucky people who was happy with all of her classes in the beginning of the semester and did not have to adjust my schedule much. The only problem I encountered was adding my “Women in American History” class. I was first on the waitlist after changing up my schedule during break online (which is super easy, by the way), so I figured, “Eh, I’ll get in, and nothing will go wrong, and now I’m just going to log off and eat some cake.” May I add, I never check my e-mail over break. So three weeks pass, and my mother suggests that I should at least check my school e-mail once. To that I responded, “Psh, who would e-mail me now knowing that I’m not in sch- OH MY GOODNESS, I’M OFF THE WAITLIST!” And so I shed one imaginative tear, then had to re-put myself onto the waitlist because I missed my window to add the class the first time around. Moral of the story: Always check your e-mail, at least once a day, EVEN during breaks. A lot of important information still arises during break!

Anyway, I got into the class once school started, so we’re good. I was off to a good start until I realized… I have a much heavier course load than last semester. It could be because I chose all core classes instead of having four core classes plus one or two fun ones, or just that my professors last semester were all pretty laid-back, but either way, my schoolwork load was much heavier than I expected. So I had to lower my hours at both of my jobs, to balance, but it’s still good.

I am still working, and I love BOTH of my jobs! I absolutely adore the kids in the fourth grade class I tutor and the teacher totally rocks. On the other side, my co-workers at Torero Store are super nice and fun to work with, plus they give us free food sometimes. You cannot, repeat, CANNOT miss out on free food. Unless it’s pizza. Then it could be the cheap kind, and then you just don’t enjoy yourself at all.

I may be off to a busy start this semester, but whatever happens, I’ll be happy to take whatever comes my way this semester. Feeling refreshed and revitalized after that break… and now, it’s time to work!


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