USD: Make This Place Your Home

Transitioning from High School to College can be scary. New area, new friends, new classes, new professors, new schedules, and a new home. For some it is an easy transition but for others, like myself, it may take some time and a push from some friends.

In High School I was so involved with numerous amounts of clubs. When I came to college I realized that I needed a break and decided not to join any clubs or get involved right way. However, I soon found out that I was getting bored. Bored in college? it just didn’t sound right to me. I had such a small group of friends that when they were in class or somewhere else, I would just stay in my room.

So with some motivation from my family, I started to sign up for clubs and organizations around campus. I went to informationals and meetings all the time until I found the clubs I wanted to commit to. Because I finally started to become involved, I gained new friendships and I was no longer bored all the time. I started to realize that some of my favorite memories were formed when I was in those group settings. Now when all my original friends were busy, I had other friends that I could grab lunch with, hang out with, or go to a movie with. Before I knew it I had found a home within each of my clubs, and therefore a home at USD.

Getting involved at USD is so easy and one of the best ways to meet new people. I personally found a home through the amazing clubs and organizations I have been apart of for my first two years at USD. I became apart of Greek Life, I work with Undergraduate Admissions in Ambassador’s club, I helped put on campus events through Torero Program Board, and I’ve found numerous volunteer possibilities through CASA. 

I guarantee you that no matter what your interests are, there is a place for you at USD. Even if you want to join numerous clubs or just participate in your Residential Hall’s activities, the resources are always available thanks to the great student leaders USD has helped produce.

So to all those that have decided to attend USD in the Fall, Welcome Home!


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