One Stop Student Center

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Welcome to One Stop!

The One Stop Student Center is one of those campus offices that many students don’t actually realize how much they use it over the course of their four years until they look back (or, in my case, stop and blog about it!). As a senior nearing graduation in May, I found myself just the other day dashing over to the office to turn in my last declaration of major form (just a simple update to add my Creative Writing emphasis to my English major) and inquire about the graduation checklist.

photo 1One Stop is the all-in-one place to go for your registration, financial aid, and student account needs. Whatever you are doing, if it involves a form, you will most likely end up in One Stop. Declaration of major forms, add/drop class forms, petition to graduate forms… Each year of your college career, I guarantee you stop by this place at least twice. With cheerful customer service, One Stop is there to make it as quick & easy as possible to get the boring paperwork over with so you can be in, out, and on your way.

Once you enroll at USD, One Stop will be your go-to for getting college credit for any AP/IB courses you took in high school. Your transcripts also go through here if you were dual-enrolled in community college, or if you need to pick up a copy to send to graduate schools or jobs. Any questions about financial aid and FAFSA forms can also be directed to this office.


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