Catch the Excitement!

Envelopes containing acceptance letters have landed in mailboxes all across the country. The anticipation that builds up from the time applications are submitted to the time letters arrive is finally subsiding and students near and far are faced with another challenge the decision. You may be spending the next few weeks exploring college campuses over spring break, talking to students, and getting the feel of the places yourself. Maybe you know exactly where you are headed or maybe you are torn between a handful of schools.

blue skies over the Immaculata

But before the pro and con lists, the comparisons, the nos and the deposits, let’s take a moment to revel in the feeling of excitement that arrives alongside the acceptance letters. We know how much work goes in to each and every application. Countless hours writing and editing essays, collecting transcripts, entering information, and securing reference letters. Then there’s the wait. As one student told us, “The waiting game is common for most incoming freshman, it is a period of time where seniors question themselves with their “what ifs” and “buts”. I remember checking almost every day for my application status on my web portal.”

Well, the waiting is over, and now the decision rests in your hands. Here, the excitement to welcome a new class of Toreros to USD is highly contagious. “I can’t wait to call USD my home!” one student gushed after receiving his acceptance letter. Prospective students pour in daily for tours, info sessions, overnights, and day visits. The campus is flooded with students like you, soaking up the San Diego sunshine, staring off into the Pacific Ocean from behind the IPJ building, and envisioning their next four years in and out of the classroom. “I am eager to take advantage of all of the opportunities presented to me,” says a student attending USD next year.

a tour takes a look inside the Institute for Peach & Justice building

We can’t wait for you to come on down for a visit if you haven’t yet. Take a walk around. Have lunch at La Paloma. Sit down at a table in the library. Watch students walk by on their way to class. You will see that USD is more than a school by the beach. It is a place to learn, a place to grow, and a place to become who you want to be. USD is a community, a stepping stone to the future, a lifestyle.

Congratulations, future Toreros!


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