Accepted: An Admissions Counselor Perspective

On July 10th, 2012, I decided to embark on a journey without knowing exactly  where I would end up.  When I began my new career as an Admissions Counselor, I had many ideas of what I would be doing, but I didn’t truly grasp the potential for impact.  You see, I have always held a job that carried with it a purpose, and to be honest, I wouldn’t know what work would be like without that purpose.  But when you start a new job or career, it usually takes time to see the entire picture.  The forest for the trees, if you will.

Now, there have been many times throughout this year that I have responded to some of you with an email at 5am, sometimes even earlier.  While I knew that the email served a purpose, it isn’t until now that I am truly beginning to see that purpose, or the forest.

With May 1st being the confirmation date of attendance, I am beginning to see the forest.  After meeting with, emailing, and talking on the phone with students that I have now worked with throughout the entire year, I now see the true purpose of my job as an admissions counselor.  Over and over again, I have heard that USD is a student’s “dream school,” but it wasn’t until I first heard a student shriek with excitement upon hearing of their acceptance that I truly understood what that was all about.

Am I happy that the season is wrapping up and all of us Counselors will be getting some much needed rest?  Yes.  Am I happy to spend some quality time with my family?  Yes.  But this is just the lull, the break in between the proverbial ocean sets.  The real question is: Can I wait to start working with the next group of students?  No. This is what I love, and it has purpose.

Congratulations to 2013’s incoming class of #FutureToreros.  Class of 2014, I will be talking to you soon!




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