The Great Beyond: Career Services

Not just four years, but for life. This is what USD Career Services promises USD alumni on graduation. This little office, unobtrusively located in the bottom of Hughes Administration Building, houses everything you need to know about the workplace and how to land both internships during school and careers after graduation.

The Career Services counselors are available to assist both USD students and graduates alike with a variety of job seeking steps, from creating and refining resumes and cover letters to interview practice and etiquette. As a senior nearing graduation  in less than one month, I am very grateful for the help they have provided me through the years.

Every semester since freshman year, I made an appointment to update my resume with a career counselor. Before interviews for bigger summer internships, I brushed up on my skills with practice interviews and learned how to be prepared for those hard questions that always seem to sneak up. During my senior year, Career Services walked me through Torero Link, a USD job board where companies post open positions. Though I haven’t landed a job quite yet, I feel thoroughly prepared and ready each time someone asks for my resume or calls me for an interview.

Knowledge Transfer: Marketing panel

Career Services isn’t the only way that USD helps its students prepare for what’s ahead. Networking opportunities such as career fairs and panel discussions connect students to alumni in fields they are interested in pursuing. Last week, I attended a “Knowledge Transfer” panel talk on marketing. Open to all majors, the talk highlighted four alumni currently working in the marketing field. These professionals answered questions and shared advice with a group of both undergraduate and graduate students on entering the field and what they were looking for in a job candidate. Seeing successful alumni who were once in my anxious, job-seeking shoes offered me encouragement that everything will turn out OK in the end. USD prepares its students well to take on the real world. For now? My job search continues, but so does USD’s commitment to my success every step of the way.

Visit the Career Services website to learn more, or view their online resources.

Update as of May 6th, 2013: Avery has been hired for a post-graduate job in marketing, a position she found on the Torero Link job board! 


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