The Final Stretch

My first semester experience has been extraordinary.  I came here knowing almost nobody and I am leaving with plenty of  great friends from every corner of the country. Now the only thing standing between me and the winter intercession is but one week of class (and a few finals, of course).  It has been over 3 months since I’ve seen any of my family or friends from Minnesota and needless to say I am very excited to get back–although I don’t know how I’ll fair in the cold after adapting to the lovely weather of SoCal.

Thanksgiving break was great fun:  one Bostonian, two Hawaiians, and myself stayed here in San Diego and got to explore the city.  The first thing we did was go to the famous San Diego Zoo, which was pretty awesome–I’m even considering getting a season pass.  My favorite animals were the Maned Wolf and the Okapi.  If you haven’t heard of them then I suggest you give them a Google.

On Thanksgiving Day we traveled to the Bostonian’s aunt’s house in Encinitas for a delicious meal.  Aside from the actual feast, my favorite part of the day was meeting Pepe the golden doodle.  One of the guests brought him, and I was very pleased to spend some time with a dog since I have been dog-deprived for a while now.  To my pleasant surprise, we found out later that Pepe lives on mission beach with his owner and that we might actually get to see him again when we’re down catching some sun.


It’s astonishing to think that just a few months ago, I didn’t know anyone from Boston or Hawaii.  Now, not only are those cats my good friends, but we also banded together to make a holiday away from home great.  Just goes to show you the power of the Torero community.  

That being said, I’m ready to go make some snow angels back home.  Hope everyone has a great winter break!


One thought on “The Final Stretch

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