It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to be a Torero!

You can always tell that finals are around the corner when there aren’t any seats left in the library – something that doesn’t happen too often. We college students turn into zombies staring at our computer screens, living off of cups of coffee, and running on only a couple hours of sleep, if we’re lucky. It seems like Christmas break is within reach, but there is a giant cement wall you have to break through before you get there. I like to call this cement wall, “finals week.” But not to worry Toreros, Santa to the rescue!

Tonight our campus turned into a Christmas-palooza, with everyone’s favorite activities brightening up the monotonous study days. If you felt like having an authentic tri-tip or ham dinner, the SLP was hosting their annual Christmas Dinner. Or if you were in the mood for some off-campus food, Finals Feeding Frenzy was your pick. Food vendors brought boxes and boxes of food to campus… and the best part for college students with a budget… it was FREE!

Once you were done stuffing your tummy full with a delicious meal, it was time to make more room for desserts! Awaiting students in the UC was a room filled with every Christmas treat imaginable. If you were in a decorating mood, you could visit the gingerbread table and frost your very own cookie. Next, it was time to take home your very own baggie full of sweets and treats from the candy bar filled with chocolate, candy canes, and more chocolate.

And what is a Christmas filled night without a special appearance from the one, the only, Santa Claus? Students lined up to relive their childhood memories and take a seat on Santa’s lap. Let’s not forget photo time! Leaving the room were full bellies, full bags of candy, and most importantly, students with smiles on their faces.

As we sometimes get caught up for too long stressing about studying for finals or working on last-minute projects or papers, it is nice to see that a night with friends, food, and Christmas cheer can turn our nights around. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for a Torero!


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