New Year, New Semester, New You!

Now that 2014 has officially begun, and we look back upon our lives of 2013, I can’t help but marvel at my new life in San Diego.  We live in the most wonderful city in the world, attend one of the prettiest universities, and have achieved so much academically in just one semester.  In retrospect, 2013 as a Torero has been superb.  However, as customary with the New Year celebrations, we are excited for the onset of a new chapter, and the ability to improve and change.

For me, and many other freshmen, the New Year at USD holds many new opportunities to look forward to.  First of all, we have successfully completed the “unknown”- our first semester of classes.  Coming to USD, I was quite nervous about my schedule, teachers, classes, etc., but 2013 has proven to me that I can challenge myself and achieve great things at USD.  We have now created our own schedules and registered for our desired classes for second semester, and have been given the chance to explore different subjects and find our true passions.

Another major event that 2014 has in store is Greek Recruitment.  I personally cannot wait for Rush Week and the chance to join one of USD’s wonderful sororities.  On behalf of the freshmen class, I think that I am correct when I say that we couldn’t be more excited to join the Greek Community at the University of San Diego.

Last but certainly not least, 2014 holds the means for change in our lives.  We can set goals for how we want to improve, or sign up for new clubs and organizations to give back to the community.  In other words, we can become better Toreros.  Don’t be afraid to make New Years resolutions and challenge yourself to achieve them.  So during this New Year season, let us be thankful for all of the blessings that 2013 has brought us, and let us look forward to 2014 with an open mind, ready to create some wonderful memories!  Happy New Year!


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