A Guide to Freshmen Finals

Now that the smoke has cleared and the grades have been posted, I can tell you all about my first experience with final exams at the university level.  There were a few times throughout the last week of fall semester where my friends and I thought we would never make it through but, luckily, we survived.  I’ll do my best to convey my survival techniques to you all.

Final exams can be sneaky, so it’s best on to plan ahead.  As the last few weeks approach, review your end of the semester assignments and finals’ schedule–this will give you a sense of the time you have to complete your workload.   You may have some days with no finals and others with multiple, but whatever your schedule is, you should make a decision as to when the appropriate time to officially begin studying should be.  All this seems like a small step, but it is very important and leads you to your next move: Prioritize.

Like most students, you probably have academic strengths and weaknesses.  You’ll know which classes need more time for studying–whether it’s because you have a lower grade you’re trying to make up for or whether it’s just difficult course material. Or, some of your finals may be essays or assignments which you need to ensure are completed by the deadline.

Starting the study frenzy is the hardest part, but once you’ve begun it’s easy to get on a roll.  If you’re starting to feel fried, there is no use in pushing yourself–it’s better to take a break and clear your head.  That’s exactly what I did one day when my friends and I took a quick trip to the beach.  It was a lovely day.  Really nice to kick back and feel the sunshine and ocean breeze one more time.  We climbed up onto the jetty and hopped from rock to rock and took in the views of mission beach for the last time that semester.  It was an awesome little study break.

I finished strong.  I feel great about how my finals went, but it’s important to note that no matter what grades you received, you should be pleased as long as you tried your best.

Last semester was pretty great, and I am very excited to be back in SD for round 2!


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