Joining USD’s Greek Community

As a freshman at USD, Greek rush takes place during the spring semester to allow students to become familiar with the campus and have time to try different activities out before deciding to rush a sorority or fraternity.  For girls, rush began the week before everyone returned back to school for classes.  The entire process of rushing took place from Tuesday, January 21 to Sunday January 26, when the girls get their bid into the sorority they will be joining for the next three and a half years at USD.  I was one of these freshman girls that went through the process of rushing and I couldn’t be happier with the experience that I had.  Not only did I make lots of new friends but I also joined a group of girls that I cannot wait to get to know throughout my life here at USD and after.

Lots of people hear the stories about rush: tiring, stressful, overwhelming.  Here at USD, I believe Greek Life is so much different.  From day one, every girl that I talked to only had positive words of encouragement to share and each had different interests and stories that made them individual and unique.  After the first day, I knew I had made a great decision to join the inclusive Greek community at USD, and was excited to continue the process.  We were informed about the philanthropy that each chapter supports and raises awareness for, as well as the different experiences that the girls get to share while working with the community.  It is important to realize that yes, sororities and fraternities provide students with social opportunities and experiences, but equally important is the passion that each chapter has for stepping up and making a difference.

Coming to USD, I was not positive that I was going to participate in Greek recruitment; however, now that I have, I am so happy.  It showed me that everyone at USD has something to offer to our school’s community and opened doors for new ways for me to become involved on campus.  To the freshman class next year, and anyone considering rushing in the future, I would strongly recommend to keep an open mind and try it out.  I am so happy I did!


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