The 3rd Week Cram or the Semester Struggle?

Time and time again my friends and I discuss what school would be like if we all obtained easy A’s. One thing that is for certain is that our GPA would be perfect. But then again, what fun is there in everything always being easy? Personally, when I look back at experiences or goals I have met, they were because I had to work hard to get there.

That being said, without a doubt USD is a challenging school. Even though the Fall semester only began on January 26th, what only seems to be a few days ago (15 to be exact), yet the homework, pre test studying and long term assignments have begun. I ask myself, is it normal that I’ve been already staying up till 2am to finish homework? Is it socially acceptable that I have worn sweats to class 5 out of the 5 days of the school week? The answers to those questions are most likely no, yet I still find myself doing them – for this my friends is the start of the semester struggle.

When I think back to my Freshman year I thought I had it tough with my 100 level classes but boy was I wrong. All my upper division classes this semester have taken the average few page reading assignment and turned it into reading a short novel a night. I long for those freshman year homework days and all the free time I had that I did not know what to do with. However, enough about my classes rant; my real life struggle is that during the semester one can never feel like they have completed their work. When you think you are done with your homework for the night you really could be starting on that assignment due in a week or two.

But in the end I’ve come to learn that although striving for A’s is not a bad idea, it too can become overwhelming. Twenty years from now I don’t want to look back at college as being four dreadful years because I spent all my time doing homework and studying for exams. This is the main reason why I have learned to give in a little to fun and enjoy some unforgettable experiences.


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