Perfect Weather

For the great majority of my childhood I became accustomed to great extremes of weather that mother nature had to offer. From hot and sweaty days to cold and rainy nights, there was rarely the happy medium in the great old valley of Sacramento, California. Like many high school students, I used my college experience to live in a place I had never been to. Getting accepted and attending the University of San Diego was much more wonderful then I had initially signed up for.

Little did I know that the weather here was incredibly perfect and that I would be wearing shorts around 300 out of the 365 days of the year. Never having over the top hot and rainy days for the majority of the year was something I had come to forget. Since moving to San Diego I have learned how the weather is a conversation starter. On your non-typical 73-degree day, everyone begins to panic about the so-called “heat wave,” and all AC units are cranked up. Don’t even let me speak to those rare days that reach 90 degrees – for those days seem like complete chaos. For some reason everyone forgets how to stay cool and does not know what to do with themselves because all they can think about is the heat.

Being a student who was lucky enough to be selected to be a tour guide, I have encountered a number of visitors from all over the U.S., as well as having the opportunity of meeting many international students. It is always amusing when I am able to speak to people from hot areas like Arizona or cold areas like Boston, and hear their take on how amazing San Diego weather is. In the end, I know I am blessed to attend the University of San Diego, located in one of the most beautiful cities, and it is safe to say that after some time we realize how mother nature truly spoils us.


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