The First Step: Overnight

One of the greatest tips I have for any prospective freshman out there is to make sure that USD is the school for you before you make the commitment. The school provides many ways to do this: taking a tour of campus, attending sporting events, and, of course, participating in school-wide parties. But the most important event, at least for me back when I was trying to decide whether or not to choose USD to be my new home, was the Overnight, a series of nights where prospective freshmen would be invited to campus and housed there, living with a current USD student so as to gain the full experience of what it is like to live, breathe, and walk the streets of USD.

My Overnight experience was a good one. My host was gracious and answered all of my questions, the room was comfortable, the atmosphere was welcoming, and, of course, the food was amazing. I was barely able to catch my breath when I stepped foot on USD’s campus before I was whisked off on a tour showcasing a side of USD that pictures on the Internet could only dream of capturing. The campus was indeed beautiful, but also full of life; I was able to hear laughter everywhere I went, and almost everyone we passed smiled and waved. If this friendly atmosphere wasn’t enough, then the professors – yes, we were allowed to sit with our hosts in class – were all kind as well. They understood that we were here to see if USD would eventually become a good home for us, and it was immediately made obvious to me that students and professors alike wanted us to see that yes, they were always looking to add new members to the USD family, and yes, they were willing to welcome us with open arms.

I stayed in what would later become my freshman year dorm that night, ate truly amazing cuisine, and experienced all of the best parts of USD life that night. I made connections that I never thought I would make, and even today, those connections have manifested into some of my closest friends. Whether or not USD is a good fit for you is up to you alone. My parents could never have even begun to describe what I experienced at USD for the night I stayed, and when I returned home from it, I immediately put down my deposit to become a student at USD. And now? I can call USD my home, and I eagerly look forward to next week, when I will welcome my first Overnight prospectives to give them what my host gave me: a sense of what USD is all about.