The Final Stretch

In San Diego, the weather is beautiful, the beach is calling your name, the semester is almost over; where is the time and motivation to study for finals? At the University of San Diego, during this time of the year, students will be enjoying the weather outside while studying simultaneously. They have one goal: to receive an A on every final exam. Although University of San Diego is one of the greatest cities, students are here to study and receive good grades.

As a current student, I have experienced the desire to enjoy San Diego rather than studying firsthand. However, all of my peers are motivated to study. Even though I may lose the drive to continue reviewing course material, the students around me push me to pick up a book and strive for that A. At USD, studying comes first and enjoying the area comes second. Whether it is laying in front of the Immaculata or spending time within the library, students will always put their education before any other activities, especially during the end of the semester.

The final stretch of the Spring Semester is right around the corner. All that separates students from the summer are the notorious final exams. Now is the time to study harder and more diligently than ever. Achieving an A is right in front of your eyes. Can you find the motivation to do it?