Now that the Spring Semester has concluded, keeping busy during the summer is on the mind of every student. Some will choose to stay in San Diego, others will travel abroad to participate in one of University of San Diego’s amazing study abroad summer opportunities, while others will stay on campus during the summer to work or to take a summer course. At USD, the experiences that are attainable throughout the summer are seemingly endless. I will elaborate upon three fantastic summer ideas at the university.

1) Work in the Admissions Office – If you’re extremely passionate about USD, enjoy working with others, and will be in San Diego for the summer, there are job opportunities in the Undergraduate Admissions Office. In this office, you can lead tours, work at the front desk assisting visitors, and you will learn about USD’s lovely admission counselors.

2) Summer Research – Are you interested in researching? Many of USD’s professors stay on campus during the summer to continue researching. This can be in any field, studying many different topics. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience and to build a resume for graduate school or future career plans.

3) Summer Classes – A great way to get ahead of courses is to take summer classes. At USD, a variety of courses are offered depending on the summer. You are able to stay on campus and continue to enjoy the beauty of San Diego while getting coursework out of the way.

At USD, summer activities serve as a reminder that the university provides many opportunities for its students and faculty. Have a great summer everyone!