Unique USD

A main question we all ask is: “What makes ______ college different from any other?” For some, this question may be difficult to answer. However, University of San Diego students can respond without hesitation. At USD, there are many qualities of the university making it stand apart from others. Whether it’s USD’s location, class sizes, or friendly students, USD is unique in many aspects.

Located on the southwestern portion of the United States, San Diego has a constant climate that is comparable to paradise. While attending USD, all students have the opportunity to embrace the beautiful weather of San Diego. In addition, there are many outdoor activities available in this environment. The beach is 5-10 minutes drive from the university, the desert is 30 minutes away, and the mountains are scattered all around the region. You can never say “there is nothing to do.”

USD is known for having small class sizes, with an average of 22 students. A result of the smaller classes is professors and students become friends. This is a great opportunity to network and have connections later on in the future. Not many universities have a reputation of professors befriending students, but at USD, anything is possible.